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Start Your Digital Smudging Ceremony

As our way of expressing our appreciation for your visit to this website, we offer you the following "Digital Smudging Ceremony" for your own private use, whenever you may need it.  Once you learn this method its yours forever.  This version of smudging (cleaning)is taken from the original teachings of the four directions also known as the medicine wheel and from the Hawaiian teaching, Ho - oponopono.  Your first tool for managing your experience!


Pick one problem, issue or concern you have right now.  Keep it firmly in mind as you start from the Eastern doorway (I Love You), going clockwise all the way to the Northern doorway (Thank You).  Repeat the four statements as often as you'd like, keeping whatever it is that is troubling you in mind. When you are finished, allow yourself to feel a heightened sense of gratitude to the grandfathers and grandmothers when finishing.  North American Indigenous Tribes use the circle and this is one of their foundation teachings.


Guy Dumas is a widely recognized ALLY (organization) development teacher, avid entrepreneur, economic development advisor, start-up business coach for entrepreneurs, executive leadership coach and hypnosis practitioner (or Audendos). He is involved in multiple projects and opportunities, however they all have a common theme - AN EQUATIONS WHEEL.  He is an author of a book entitled, Majoritarian: How to Optimize on the Majority Rule in Native Country.  You can find it on Amazon.  He is group owner of the Indigenous Values Leadership group on LinkedIn, which is Native Country's most comprehensive leadership networking resource for Chief and Council representatives, Directors, and thought leaders.  His focus at Cape Breton University was leadership and community economic development.  Guy uses the science and art of classical, quantum, Indigenous, and Creator physics (MINDWIDTH) in all of his work.  He loves engaging all types of businesses and corporations as an affiliate, advisor or consultant. Learn more. -

Alfreda Trudeau is widely known as a professional organizer, facilitator and advocate in Native country. Once she sets her mind on something she doesn't let go until its done!  She is an advocate for missing and murdered aboriginal woman, working with Tears for Justice, facilitates the kind man program and promotes cultural competency among Indigenous and Non - Native people involved in the social sciences fields. She is one of the founders of Natural Systems Traditional Healing and Aboriginal Teachings (T.H.A.T.) team, a cultural approach to massage therapy and well - being.   She is the team LEADER of THAT Team and can organize traditional stress therapy for your company, organization or business.  Learn more here. -

Cree Trudeau is known for her own brand of healing and wellness.  She began her healing craft when she was 12 years old and has not stopped learning new ways and methods with healing and wellness concepts, techniques and processes.  Cree has helped hundreds of people with all types of aches, pains and ailments.  She ensures everyone she works on receives personal attention, comfort and a safe environment.  When an individual is done with their treatment they have noticed a significant difference in their mood and especially their physiology.  You can access T.H.A.T. media kit here. (Click)

Educator, Coach, and Hypnotist

Cree Trudeau

Traditional Cleansing Specialist

Facilitator, Organizer, and Advocate.


We help elected and positional leaders become Indigenous Values LEADERS using an equations system.  The term "Mindwidth", means what Mullainathan and Shafir (2013) describe as "bandwidth", which measures our computational capacity, our ability to pay attention, to make good decisions, to stick with our plans, and to resist temptations.  They claim bandwidth correlates with everything from intelligence and SAT performance to impulse control and success on diets (p.41).  We prefer using the term MINDWIDTH over other terms such as capacity when it comes to the mind.  We use capacity to refer to strategy, structure, staffing and systems. We believe in CREATIVITY.  Creativity before commerce.  We help develop paradigms.  What is a PARADIGM?  A paradigm is a theory or a group of ideas about how something should be done, made, or thought about.  Once established the paradigm generates "memes" to strengthen itself.    Memes are a snippet of culture, a thought, behavior or artifact and spreads via - transmission and adaption.

We prefer using Adult Education principles and practices, known as the science of Andragogy (self-directed), of which Malcolm Knowles popularized in the 1960's, and combined Heutagogical learning (self-determined).  This type of adult learning environment is based on a number of assumptions including the learners having a wealth of knowledge and experience (mindwidth) to draw from, the learners being ready, able and willing to learn in their own preferred style and the learners being self - determined in their pursuit of knowledge, skill and attitude.  In other words, learners are not simply empty vessels waiting to be filled with content and information.  Learners know what they need to learn and will learn at their own pace and time.

Keeping the concepts of Adult Education in mind, we facilitate and guide (process over content) mindwidth more than anything else.  However, in certain learning assignments, we may provide our own specialized paradigms to the learning experience, not as the experts but rather as a functional resource to the learning experience. All learning experiences can be customized to fit your needs.  We recommend a fact finding event first before designing and conducting the actual program.  Here are some of the learning experiences we can facilitate and customize to meet your needs.  Look them over and lets talk!

  • Indigenous Values Leadership
  • Ally development (different from team-building, partnerships, joint ventures, etc.)
  • Managing the Psychology of Scarcity
  • Experiential Learning used for leadership, ally - building, conflict resolution and other personal development content
  • UnbankedTribe is a financial literacy program using Indigenous Teachings to understand how the economy and money works
  • Ally Governance examines the role of Chief and Council and how to improve governance in the community
  • Tribal Synergy focuses on eliminating toxicity and championing a healthy organization
  • Establishing a campaign - driven enterprise to achieve results
  • Audendos (Hypnosis) experiences such as Dreaming Lodge Ceremony, 7 Grandfather Teachings, and more.
  • Walking the Path Program Cultural Awareness Teachings and Learning
  • Kanawayhitowin: Taking care of each others' spirit
  • Native Interpersonal Skills
  • ---See More---


We can work with you on your own learning experiences.  This includes:

  • Keynote speaking at your conference, workshops or community programs.
  • Program delivery for your conference, workshop or seminars.
  • Chairperson (Facilitating) services for your community meetings, AGM or staff meetings.
  • Conference organizing services for up to 500 delegates and at any group size appropriate location.
  • Advocacy support services such as missing and murdered aboriginal woman and children, FASD, Etc.
  • See More...


We also support a number of business ideas to help your community or organization.  We advocate economic innovation throughout Indian (Indigenous) Country.  Every business we engage has been thoroughly examined to ensure transparency as well as economically viable.  In Native country, Garbage, Housing, Water and Money are the four ongoing challenges and we will be adding more ally's as they join us .  At the moment we recommend the following:


We have restarted a blog and there are several short articles on Natural Vendor (Resources) , Audendos (Hypnosis) and Leadership there right now.  This IS a Tribal Blog, which means you're invited to submit your ideas to us, and we will populate this section with your ideas (Paradigms).  See More...