Applying the Law of Leaderships

About Us

Story Jacket Consultants was founded in 1989.


The four levels of consciousness are depicted on the center image of the turtle.  The outline of the turtle represents an organization (business) or a human being.  An organization is a living entity much like a turtle and a human being.  Within the outline of the turtle there are seven reference points including Great spirit (the oval circle), spirit (head), beliefs (right upper leg), Identity (right back leg), capability (tail), behavior (left back leg) and environment (left upper leg).

People make organizations and there could be a strong argument that organizations make people.  However, people bring the seven aspects to work with them and these are what determine the character of the organization.  The organization is a reflection of the people IN it.
At the next level are seven other circles representing the seven values, thinking and behavior approaches.  Each circle in the circle is like a living cell in our body.  Our body is a TRIBE of over 50 trillion cells!  The spiral nature in which these circles are housed is represented by the inner waves carrying the circles to the next level up.

Everyone has a story. What really cemented the name was when an elder told GUY he had a very good story.  In his mind he was asking myself if everyone could tell a very good story.  He started paying attention to the stories people were sharing.  The way people told their stories were different even if they shared an experience with someone else.  In fact, the way an individual would tell their story would be very unique and this is where the "jacket" part comes from.  The jacket represents the uniqueness of a story much like a signature.   The jacket also represents the idea we only know the outer aspects of the storyteller.  In other words, we only know what the person choses to show or tell us as represented by the jacket.  Story Jacket Consultants.

We insist on starting with the First Step. The first step has nothing to do with the function, the organization or business at all.  The first step involves the person and everything else follows after, meaning step two, three and so on.  We know the urgency of getting down to business.  Getting things done!  However, if the organization (business) is not doing what it was designed to do then the disfunction can be attributed to by - passing the FIRST STEP and jumping onto step three, then step two and back up to step five.   You get the drift.

In the first step, Story Jacket Consultants introduce you to a variety of wisdom development processes to help raise your consciousness to the next level of development, which include teachings to elevate your conscious mind, sub - conscious mind, sacred conscious mind and creator conscious mind.