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Featured Event - Dreaming Lodge Ceremony

The Dreaming Lodge Ceremony

The dreaming lodge ceremony takes place in the mind.  More specifically, within the subconscious or habitual mind realm.   In preparation for the ceremony, several layers of conscious activities must be experienced in order to access the doorway to the habitual mind. Many of the Indigenous ceremonies go to the subconscious part of existence, knowing everything is housed in this lodge.  This is the only place where spirit can be accessed at a much deeper (or higher) level of knowing.  Into the realm of spirit law.


The Ceremonial Guide (Facilitator)


The ceremonial guide is there to facilitate the entire experience in a safe, respectful manner.  He will lead the partakers through four distinct phases of development including visitation, conscious revelations, dreaming lodge experience and debrief.  These four parts of the experience concludes in the awareness of placing seed or seeds (goals, achievements, desire, milestones, etc.) in the subconscious for growth.  What you invent or create in your subconscious must manifest according to spirit law!


The Partakers


The partakers follow the guide’s instructions.  Critical review or assessment is suspended until the experience is complete.  New insight, understanding and revelations are common all along the way, however each discovery is as unique as each individual participating in the program.


The Environment


The environment is essential to the experience itself.  Partakers must feel a sense of safety and calm to allow themselves to fully immerse into the experience.  The event is blessed (cleaned) thoroughly before, during and after the experience because all types of spirits want to join in and the only ones invited into the lodge are the ones to come in.  Spirits are respectful and shy at the same time.


The feast and giveaway


This brings the entire experience together with celebration and gratitude.  Everyone is encouraged to bring their favorite dish and a gift for the Tribe.  The gifts are given out randomly.


Deloris McKay ( "Shinguacose" Little Pine)

Ahniin...Guy, here is my experience with the above Ceremony this past week.
Those days with you in the "Dreaming Lodge Ceremony" has provided me with very clear directions.  I have always been one to doubt myself and with your guidance within this beautiful Ceremony it came through very clear, what I need to do. 
Creator is beautiful and I say blessings your way Guy, for your commitment in being that Oshkabaywis (Helper) in doing this good work.  My experience during our final ceremony, took me to that very Sacred place, for me it was within a Sweat lodge and I saw the Grandfathers in the middle and they were  Within this lodge I sat with a Grandmother, I could see her silhouette clearly, she was sitting on the right of me and she reached down and lifted a Opwagun (Pipe) and handed to me.  I took it and held it for about a minute and handed back to her....hmmmm...we didn't smoke it.
It was after this final ceremony, I come to realize that this Opwagun (Pipe) is mine, one that I was given eleven years ago back in 2004...I never spoke of this Opwagun (Pipe) to anyone until now.  I knew that to pick up this Opwagun (Pipe) it comes with huge responsibilities, the time is now and I know I am ready.
Creator in those unique ways has always provided me with directions and I know it is because I am open and ready to accepting.
Although I am 60 years old as mentioned to you, I am still a "Student" and will continue to be until I leave this Physical World and return back to that Spiritual place.
Guy....I submit to you my gift of gratitude and blessings to you and your family, once again chi-miigwetch for your commitment in reaching out in this unique way.

Marcy Honnold Morrison

I greatly value Native American wisdom and felt called to call upon this wisdom to help get clarity on my path and purpose. I was referred to Guy Dumas for his Remote Dream Lodge Ceremony and I highly recommend working with Guy. With his deep wisdom and connection to spirit combined with his giant heart, he was able to guide me to gain the clarity and confirmation I was seeking to help me on my journey ahead to make the biggest impact I can to help make this world a better place while I am here. Thank you Guy for all you do to make this world a better place and sharing your gifts with others.

Proposed Agenda



  1. To strengthen presence leadership
  2. To experience (Mistasine Cree) Indigenous culture
  3. To access spirit consciousness
  4. To meet the ancestors (Grandfathers)
  5. To expand relative radius




  1. Opening ceremony
  2. Tansi Handshake
  3. Housekeeping
  4. Portrait (representational) methods (who are you?)
  5. Presence leadership (open, abstract revelations)
  6. Dreaming Lodge experience
  7. Meeting (getting teachings from) the Grandfathers
  8. Debrief
  9. Closing ceremony
  10. Feast and giveaway



San Diego Area.  Specific location to be announced!




January 12th and 13th, 2018.  9:00 – 4:00 each day.




$500 per registrant (note: Limited to 30 participants).  Online payment can be made at the bottom of the page to ensure your seat for the event.  Program receipt will be issued at the end of the program.


Biography of Ceremonial Guide


[guy dumas] nimihito-pinesiw (Dancing Thunderbird) is Ethinew (Cree Peoples) originally from the Wapiskasine tribe (also government known as the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation) and resides in Wikwemikong, Ontario on Manitoulin Island, South Bay community with his wife, Alfreda, grandson Dion and two pets (Fuzzie and Fabio).


Guy has been an adult educator (Facilitator) for over 36 years, having worked with diverse populations at the community and organization levels throughout North America.  He has also operated several businesses including the most recent development, Indigenous Hemp, and continues to advocate for a social business economy.  He continues to provide adult education events in the personal and professional development industry.  His company “Storyjacket Consultants” has been operating since 1989. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and is completing his thesis for his MBA degree.


Guy is a certified NLP practitioner (1994) and hypnotist (1985).  He combines these teachings (skills) with his lifelong practice of the traditional (cultural) ways of life.  Long ago when he was given a sacred pipe and bundle to help men in their development and he has also worked with as many, if not more woman in his career.  He has sat with numerous drum groups singing at pow-wows, indigenous gatherings and conferences throughout North America.

January/February 2018 Learning Event

Dreaming Lodge Ceremony
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