Applying the Law of Leaderships

Tansi (Hi), my name is [GUY DUMAS], or Nimihito Pinesiw (Dancing Thunderbird) of the wolf lineage and from the Wapaskasine Tribe, corporately known as the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation or as shown on the map, Pukatawagan, Manitoba.  I am an educator, entrepreneur, and economist and have worked in the adult learning and education industry for over 34 years...and counting.  You can access my CV here.

As an Indigenous person (Red Indian), I've experienced my share of challenges such as oppression, poverty, residential school, violence, racism, and less life (choice) for most of my life.  It would be so easy to point the finger or blame all of those experiences or someone else (the world) for my less than desired state (addiction to poverty).  Instead, I've searched, experienced and adapted various teachings to overcome self - imposed limitations in life.

It hasn't been easy.  There are bits and pieces I recall as young person; however, most of it is very foggy.  Nevertheless, life on the reserve in the late 50's forward was very different from life in an urban community.  Today it is much easier (and this is relatively speaking) to be an Indigenous person (Red Indian) because of the hard work of many people and organizations in the last 50 plus years.

The framework I have used to build a learning memes mindset to achieve various gain is based on the original teachings and integrating with contemporary ideas.  This specific mindset helps build the foundation before engaging in any event.  In other words, these ideas can be your foundation before going to school, starting a business, becoming a politician, or becoming an physicist.  Its like going through a visioning lodge!  Visioning precedes life events!

Learning concepts, taking inventory and formulating a system are what you need to begin doing.  Sitting and waiting around for someone else to do this for you is not recommended.  You might be waiting for a lifetime.

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How much has changed since the second line of visitors arrived?  It certainly has been extremely challenging for Indigenous peoples.  Despite these ongoing challenges, Indigenous peoples continue to take back control of their lives, although not as fast as most would want, however it is happening.  Get involved.  There is a lot of information on the internet about Indigenous peoples so pick your cause.  Go ahead and even ask us what we would recommend.  We certainly like to hear your views.