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Majoritarian: How to Optimize on the Majority Rule in Native Country. Paperback – Aug 20 2010 by Guy Dumas (Author)

I believe every Native person in Native country should sit at the Chief (Tribal Chair) and Council level at least once and that's the goal of this book. To help as many Native people get elected to the Chief and Council level, at least once in their life time. Rather than calling the elected representatives, Chief and Council, I suggest "Majoritarian". Majoritarian means "of or decided by the majority". Majoritarian is more descriptive of our elected representatives today then what we've called them in the past. The only way to win is to get the majority of votes. Both Chief and Council seats require a majority of the votes of the electors of the Band as prescribed in the Indian (Indian Reorganization) Act as well as in recent "codes". If you want to win the election, you need to approach all of your electors in a totally different manner. Your talent and spiritual awareness will only get you so far because the rules have changed. They've changed because of the Indian (Indian Reorganization) Act. The Act says VOTES are important. The more votes you have-you win. There are seven strategies you'll read about in this book and each strategy will work well in different situations. Master these seven strategies and you've guaranteed yourself a seat at the Majoritarian table (Chief and Council). Ignore these strategies and you won't receive as many votes as you deserve. It's that simple. As you follow through with your strategies, roles and messages, you need to appear together. You have to present yourself in the best possible light. You're running for the highest post in Native country. This is the highest as it gets in Native country. It's actually easy to get elected as a Majoritarian. When you do get in as a Majoritarian, there's no time to relax. You're ready for the next step. The next step is to learn how to do what you do at the Majoritarian level.

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